If the Wynne Liberals have their way

If the Wynne Liberals have their way, the political establishment and government bureaucrats will be the only winners when the sale of cannabis is legalized on July 1st.

Under their plan, the only way to purchase cannabis will be online or through 40 government-run LCBO outlets in 2018. In comparison, there are 651 LCBO outlets and 451 Beer Stores across Ontario. 

40 stores in 2018 will not satisfy existing demand for cannabis. 

In other words: the huge underground market of unsafe and unregulated cannabis will still exist.

Help us stop this plan in its tracks. Can you help with an immediate pre-election donation?

We have a better way:

  1. Regulate and license small businesses and dispensaries to sell cannabis in a safe and controlled way;
  2. Ensure tax revenues from cannabis sales are used to fund education, mental health, and addiction programs;
  3. Create more local jobs and prosperity by supporting small businesses, local farmers, and indigenous communities.

This approach will be a win for all Ontarians. 

The next provincial election is only three weeks before the Liberals’ plan begins. We can fix this problem before it even starts by electing Green MPPs this June.

Your help is needed now more than ever. Can you chip in with a donation?

Please make your contribution today at www.gpo.ca/NoCannabisMonopoly.

Thank you, Michael for your support.

Craig Cantin
Director of Development
Green Party of Ontario

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