Green Party of Ontario says it’s time to ban fracking in Ontario

(Toronto, ON) – A recently-passed amendment to the provincial Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Act may open the door to fracking in Ontario.

Jurisdictions like New York, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have already passed bills to ban hydraulic fracturing due to health and environmental concerns. Although no hydraulic fracking for shale gas currently exists in Ontario, the Liberal government has in the past provided mapping data to assist in exploration for the fracking industry.

Plus, the Ontario Liberals have so far refused to ban the practice.

In Canada and the US, fracking is linked to increased earthquake frequency, high methane emissions and risks to drinking water. These not only risk our health and environment, they undermine our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

Ontario should ban fracking before these threats become real.

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“No fracking way will Greens stay quiet while the Liberals open the possibility of allowing fracking in our beautiful province. Fracking could pollute our drinking water, cause earthquakes and undermine the province’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.”  

— GPO leader Mike Schreiner 

“Fracking poses a threat to our water and has no place in Ontario. If the Liberals are serious about protecting our water and reducing climate disrupting pollution, they would support a ban on fracking.”

— GPO leader Mike Schreiner

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  • September 28, 2017 at 7:25 am

    There is a real demand for an alternative to the present right wing Press monopoly. It is a fact that the largest part of the planet’s media is operated by right wing moguls. Their purpose is to further the virus of capitalism and retain the world’s differentials between rich and hardship. Left Insider promotes left wing news from reliable news sites such as Left Futures and The Canary etc. Everyone has the right to maximise our own potential and we all have the obligation to help others maximise theirs.


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