Failure is not an option

I was so excited by the outcome of the 2015 climate change talks in Paris at COP21, which led to a legally-binding commitment to keep global average temperature below a 1.5 degree Celsius increase from pre-industrial revolution levels. And I was incredibly proud of Canada for the role we played in bringing the parties together.

Since then, it seems like the world may have lost its sense of urgency on this issue. Now is the time to get that back.

With the latest international climate change talks  — COP23 —  currently underway, what is your preferred outcome? Fill out our brief survey

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is a part of Canada’s delegation at COP23. She understands the urgency of the matter better than anyone, and will make it clear that humanity cannot afford for international promises made at Paris — including Canada’s — to be broken.

I would love to know what you think, Friend. Your input will help us gauge how we can be most effective at communicating our progressive message going forward.

In order for us to prevent climate catastrophe, we must take seriously our legally-binding commitments. Canada didn’t come close to meeting our previous climate commitments, and our current pace is way behind what is necessary.

What outcome do you desire from these talks? Please take a quick moment to fill out our survey.

Thank you for working towards a cleaner, fairer and more sustainable future for us all.


Mary Ann

Mary Ann Coleman
Interim Executive Director
Green Party of Canada

P.S. You can follow Elizabeth at COP23 through our Facebook page. She’ll be posting video updates while she is participating in Germany, and we need your help in sharing her crucial message!

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