Are you a Green Party member under the age of 30?

Are you a Green Party member under the age of 30?

If so, you’re a Young Green, and we want you to claim your voice within the youth wing of our party!

Young Greens are already active in leadership throughout the Party: serving as representatives to our Federal Council, leading youth clubs, and energizing EDAs. They organize fun, youth-relevant campaigns, and advocate for youth issues and priorities within the party. In short, they’re an invaluable part of our community, and we want to find more of them.

Are you interested in using your passion for climate action, green technology, and social justice towards growing an exciting movement for change?

If you’d like to connect as a Young Green, please take a moment to add in your birthday to this page to confirm your age:

I’m honoured to introduce all members to our newly-elected Young Greens Council, elected to represent all Young Greens. Let us know if that is you!

Co Chairs: Cherie Wong and Ian Soutar
Communications Chair: Caryn Bergmann
Finance Chair: Muna Ashraf
Campaigns and External Affairs Chair: Eric Gilmour
Policy Chair: Nick Noble

Thanks for your unwavering support, Michael. Working together, we will build the Canada of tomorrow.



Isabella Robinson
National Youth Coordinator
Green Party of Canada

P.S. If you’re under 30, don’t forget to let us know so we can get you plugged into our growing movement:

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