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If you’ve ever seen Elizabeth May speak you’ll understand why some of the other parties want her shut out from the televised leaders’ debates. Elizabeth eloquently champions a sensible and refreshing approach to politics, and she’s not afraid to speak truth to power.

Don’t let them silence our voice — we must make sure that Elizabeth gets a fair chance to present our vision and policies to a national television audience during the 2019 campaign!

The Liberal government is taking a step in the right direction by moving to establish rules that govern how these debates are run and who is allowed to participate. We need your help to send two important messages:

– Any party with a seat in the House of Commons deserves a place in the debate.

– Party leaders who want to play cheap political games by refusing to participate will earn their parties a stiff financial penalty.

Voters like you deserve to make an informed decision. Sign our petition to send a loud, clear message: Elizabeth’s voice must be heard in the leaders’ debates!

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